International Educational Endoscopy Video forum

November 1-3, Moscow, RUSSIA

The main preliminary program IEEF 2018

01.11.2018 – The first day of IEEF 2018
08.00 — 09.15 
Registration of participants
  Moderators: M.P. Korolev, S.G. Shapovaliants, V.V. Veselov, M.V. Knyazev, S.S. Pirogov
09.15 — 09.45
Lecture State of the art 
Advances in diagnosis of Barrett`s esophagus
К. Ragunath (England)
09.45 — 10.15
Lecture State of the art
New possibilities to improve diagnostic colonoscopy: present and future
М. Sekiguchi (Japan)
10.15 — 10.30
Coffee break
10.30 — 11.00
Opening Ceremony - IEEF2018
Introduction of participants
Welcoming words: S.G. Shapovaliants, M.P. Korolev, Jean-Francois Rey
11.00 —13.20
Video session:
Part 1. Diagnostic Endoscopy
Video demonstration of methods of endoscopic diagnosis
P.L. Scherbakov, E.D. Fedorov, P.V. Pavlov, V.A. Duvanskiy, G.V. Belova, V.V. Veselov
11.00 — 11.15
Diagnosis of early esophagus cancer
S.S. Pirogov
11.15 — 11.30
Gastritis Kyoto classification
E.D. Fedorov
11.30 — 11.45
Differential diagnosis of cystic lesions of pancreas
E.V. Bystrovskaya
11.45 — 12.00
Classifications of specifying diagnosis of the epithelial lesions in colon with NBI
E.V. Ivanova
12.00 — 13.10
Videosession: «Olympics on Endoscopy. Competition of clinical cases. Part one»
Moderators: P.L. Scherbakov, E.D. Fedorov, P.V. Pavlov, V.A. Duvanskiy, G.V. Belova, V.V. Veselov
Winners of the video competition
12.00 — 12.10 Clinical case of radical endoscopic treatment of squamous esophageal cancer A.V. Kryazhov
12.10 — 12.20 Endoscopic treatment of a patient with a gastrointestinal mediastino-pleural fistula after resection of the esophagus by Lewis V.M. Legostaev

12.20 — 12.30 Rare case of injury to the esophagus with the formation of the esophago-gastric false path O.V. Ivinskaya
12.30 — 12.40 Invagination of the blind end of the intestine loop into the lumen of the anastomosing jejunum and stomach stump after pancreato-duodenal resection G.V. Balitskiy
12.40 — 12.50 A rare clinical case: a hamartoma of the stomach A.A. Sannikova
12.50 — 13.00 Installation of puncture transcutaneous low-profile gastrostomy under endoscopic control for a child with cerebral palsy M.M. Lokhmatov
13.00 — 13.10
Diagnosis of a rare case of hidden blood loss
E.V. Tikhomirova
13.10 — 13.20
13.20 — 15.00 Lunch break. Lecture podiums. Lunch symposiums
Lecture podium №1 "Olympic" (lobby of the large Conference Hall)
Moderator: S.S. Pirogov
«ESG-300 — electrosurgery for the endoscopist» I.Y. Nedoluzhko
«The possibility of using ultrasonic gastroscope Olympus TGF-UC180J» S.Yu. Orlov
«High-resolution endoscopy and magnifying endoscopy – our era» M.V. Knyazev
«Endocytoscopy in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal mucosa changes - a new era» S.S. Pirogov

Lecture podium №2 "Cleansing" (foyer of the large Conference Hall (floor +1)
Moderator: P. L. Shcherbakov
«Purely Japanese: results of the use of a low-volume regime of preparation to colonoscopy» E.A. Korolevskaya
«Optimal preparation for colonoscopy using the tablets «Kolokit»
P.L. Shcherbakov
«Personalized approach in preparing patients for colonoscopy» S.G. Tereshchenko
«Endoscopic diagnosis of colorectal neoplasia. Components of success» V.A. Duvanskiy

Lecture podium №3 "Innovative" (foyer of the small Conference Hall (floor -1)
Moderator: R.V. Plakhov
13.45 — 14.00
«Responding to clinical practice requests: specialized snares for endoscopic polypectomy» E.D. Fedorov
14.00 — 14.10
«The place of endoscopy in the recommendations of the Maastricht-5» E.V. Tikhomirova
14.10 — 14.25 «Quality updates OMOM 2018 - optimization of examination of the small intestine» A.A. Likutov
14.25 — 14.40
«Eziklen—new low-volume drug. Evolution in the colon preparation» D.V. Zavialov
14.40 — 14.55
«Capsule and colonoscopy» Е.V. Ivanova

13.45 — 14.55   Moderators: M.P. Korolev, V.V. Veselov, E.D. Fedorov, J. Regula
13.45 —13.55
Eziklen - a new drug for the colon preparation. Е.V. Ivanova
13.55 —14.25
Practical aspects of the use of low-volume preparation for colonoscopy based on Eziklen: international experience. J. Regula, Poland (consecutive translation)
14.25 —14.40
The use of the drug Eziklen under the registration study in Russia. V.V. Veselov
14.40 —14.55
Assessment of the quality of colon preparation for colonoscopy according to the Protocol of a prospective randomized study Fortrans - Eziklen: the choice of the scale;the results of the initial assessment. E.D. Fedorov

15.00 — 18.10
Videosession: Therapeutic Endoscopy
Video demonstration of methods of endoscopic treatment
S.G. Shapovaliants, E.D. Fedorov, E.V. Ivanova, O.B. Tkachenko, K.V. Shishin
15.00 — 15.15
Endoscopic treatment of Zenker's diverticulum
K.V. Shishin
15.15 — 15.30
RFA of Barrett`s esophagus
U.A. Drozd
15.30 — 15.45
ESD of epithelial lesion of the stomach
A.A. Mitrakov
15.45 — 16.00
Methods of endoscopic hemostasis of non-varices DI bleeding
R.V. Plakhov
16.00 — 16.30
Lecture State of the art
Third space Endoscopy: where are we now?
M. Kahaleh (USA)
16.30 — 16.45
16.45 — 18.00 Videosession: «Olympics on Endoscopy. Competition of clinical cases. Part two»
S.G. Shapovaliants, E.D. Fedorov, E.V. Ivanova, O.B. Tkachenko, K.V. Shishin
Winners of the video competition
16.45 — 16.55 Stenosis of the jejunum segment in a 15-year-old girl with Crohn's disease S.I. Ibragimov
16.55 — 17.05 Foreign bodies of the rectum V.G. Zalesova
17.05 — 17.15 Clinical case of removal of lipoma of the ileocecal valve by ESD A.A. Likutov
17.15 — 17.25 Pancreatic lymphoma: endoscopic diagnosis and treatment I.N. Yurichev
17.25 — 17.35 Cholelithiasis. Cholecystoduodenal fistula. High obturation small bowel obstruction S.A. Gabriel
17.35 — 17.45 Laser lithotripsy of large common bile duct stone with the use of SPYGLASS DS D.V. Bahtiozina
17.45 — 17.55
Hybrid lapar-endoscopic intervention (Rendezvous technique) with cholecystocholedocholithiasis
K.I. Mersaidova
17.55 — 18.15
Completion of the first day IEEF2018
Awarding of participants of Olympics in Endoscopy
Gala dinner (entrance with previously purchased tickets)
02.11.2018 – The second day of IEEF 2018
09.00 — 10.45
«Intraluminal bleeding»
I. Gralnek, E.D. Fedorov, M.P. Korolev, S.G. Shapovaliants, E.V. Ivanova, K.V. Shishin
 09.00 — 09.40
ESGE Guidelines on upper GI bleeding
I. Gralnek (Israel)
 09.40 — 10.00
Mid- GI bleeding
E.V. Ivanova
 10.00 — 10.20
Lower GI bleeding
E.D. Fedorov
 10.20 — 10.45
Open debates
 10.45 — 11.00
Break 15 min
 11.00 — 11.10
Opening Endo Club Nord 2018
Transmission from Hamburg
 11.10 — 12.10
Live stream.
Live demonstrations of endoscopic techniques from the Asklepios Hospitals in Altona and Barmbek and from the UKE (Hamburg–Eppendorf University Hospital)
Moderators: Е.D. Fedorov, S.G. Shapovaliants
Experts group: M. Kahaleh, I. Gralnek, M.P. Korolev, K.V. Shishin, P.V. Pavlov, O.B. Tkachenko, V.A. Duvanskiy
 12.10 — 12.30
H. Neuhaus (Düsseldorf)
 12.30 — 12.50
Debates with the experts
 12.50 — 13.15
Break 25 min. Exhibition
 13.15 — 14.20
Live demonstrations of endoscopic techniques from the Asklepios Hospitals in
Altona and Barmbek and from the UKE
(Hamburg–Eppendorf University Hospital)
Moderators: E.D. Fedorov, V.V. Veselov
Experts group: М. Sekiguchi, J. Regula, E.V. Ivanova, M.P. Korolev, O.B. Tkachenko, K.V. Shishin, M.V. Knyazev
 14.20 — 14.40
D. Rex (Indianapolis)
 14.40 — 15.20
Debates with the experts
Tele-bridge with the studio in Hamburg
 15.20 — 16.00
Break 40 min. Exhibition
 16.00 — 17.20
Live demonstrations of endoscopic techniques from the Asklepios Hospitals in
Altona and Barmbek and from the UKE
(Hamburg–Eppendorf University Hospital)
Moderators: E.D. Fedorov, P.L. Scherbakov
Experts group: К. Ragunath, M. Kahaleh, S.G. Shapovaliants, V.V. Veselov, M.V. Knyazev, O.B. Tkachenko, S.S. Pirogov
 17.20 — 17.40
Debates with the experts.
Tele-bridge with the studio in Hamburg.
 17.40 — 18.15
Closing Ceremony
Honourable presentation of prizes to winners of the Olympics in Endoscopy IEEF2018
03.11.2018 – The third day of IEEF 2018
  Scientific and practical interactive symposiums: «Alliance in the name of Endoscopy»
09.00 — 11.00 Symposium on Сolonoscopy
Moderators: М. Sekiguchi, J. Regula, Е.D. Fedorov, V.V. Veselov, E.V. Ivanova 
09.00 — 10.00
Lecture and interactive training «How do I diagnose colorectal lesions?» and «How do you do that?»  
M. Sekiguchi (Japan)
10.00 — 11.00 
Lecture and interactive training «How do I treat colorectal lesions?» and «How do you do that?»
S.V. Muzika (Ukraine)
11.00 — 11.30 
Coffee break
11.30 — 13.30
Symposium on ERCP
Moderators: A.S. Balalykin, M. Kahaleh, S.G. Shapovaliants, S.A. Budzinskyi, M.V. Khrustaleva, K.V. Shishin
11.30 — 12.10 
Lecture «Difficult ERCP: tips and tricks to avoid complications»
M. Kahaleh (USA)
12.10 — 12.40 
Lecture «Combined complications of transpapillary endoscopic interventions-difficulties of diagnosis and treatment»
S.G. Shapovaliants
12.40 — 13.30 
Interactive training «The situation can happen with everyone who performing ERCP»
S.A. Budzinskiy

Interdisciplinary team: gastroenterologist, endoscopist, coloproctologist, surgeon – joint communication of specialists 

09.30—11.00 Moderators: I.V. Maev, А.А. Sheptulin  
Screening of colorectal cancer as a problem of social significance. Gastroenterologist’s contribution in the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer
Yu.A. Kucheryavyi
09.50—10.10 Irritable bowel syndrome: should we be afraid of cancer?
А.А. Sheptulin
Algorithm of patients at risk of CRC by the example of clinical cases
S.S. Vyalov
The importance of patient`s compliance in preparation for colonoscopy. Eziklen® - a new low-volume drug in the arsenal of a gastroenterologist
I.V. Maev
Non-invasive colonoscopy: the place of video capsule in the screening of colorectal cancer.
E.V. Ivanova
Coffee break
Moderators: V.V. Veselov, E.V. Ivanova, Е.D. Fedorov
Diagnostic colonoscopy: only for the patients more than 50+?
B.N. Bashankaev
Right part of the large intestine: specific features of preparation, endoscopy examination and neoplasm detection
Е.D. Fedorov
Pre-histology during colonoscopy: targeted diagnostics 
E.V. Ivanova
Minor polyps of the large intestine: should all kind of polyps be removed during colonoscopy
А.V. Pyrh
Project of the clinical guidelines on endoscopy diagnostics and treatment of epithelial lesions of the large intestine RF 2018 (based on the resolutions of the Congress of Coloproctologists, Suzdal, August 2018)
V.V. Veselov

Moderators: G.V. Belova, T.A. Grenkova, E.V. Korovina
09.00—09.10 Welcoming words. Opening session.  G.V. Belova, T.A. Grenkova
09.10—09.30 The role of the nurse in preparing the patient for a colonoscopy: what to look for.  E.V. Korovina
The effect of a nurse on the quality of bowel preparation. View endoscopist. 
D.V. Zavialov
Patient’s safety in endoscopy. Different epidemiological aspects. 
S.A. Palevskaya
10.20—10.40 Break   
10.40—11.10 The system of epidemiological safety in endoscopy. Determination of efficiency. Organization of quality control.   T.A. Grenkova
Colonoscopy is a method for diagnosing diseases of the colon. 
S.G. Tereshchenko
Quality criteria in endoscopy. 
G.V. Belova
11.50—12.20 Coffee break  
Endoscopy section for nurses OLYMPUS  
Frequently used therapeutic intervention in the endoscopy room.
E.A. Korolevskaya
Equipment for processing, disinfecting, drying and storing endoscopes. 
V.V. Chinarova
Practical work for the nurses at the training stations
 Station № 1 
Hemostasis / Polypectomy  E.V. Korovina + Product Specialist Olympus
 Station № 2  
Processing endoscopes using an automatic reprocessor OER-AW
Product Specialist Olympus
 Station № 3 
ERCP  Product Specialist Olympus

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