International Educational Endoscopy Video forum

November 1-3, Moscow, RUSSIA

Dear colleagues!

We are continuing our joint work and expanding the boundaries of Endoscopy! Moscow, the capital of our country will host the International Educational Endoscopic video-Forum (IEEF-2018) on November 1-3, 2018.
Video forum carries educational purpose and is aimed at training endoscopists with the achievements of modern endoscopy.
The format of the Forum will still provide the ability to see the best video demonstrations of classical endoscopic methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the digestive system as well as rare clinical cases, selected by the Scientific Committee. The program will include lectures of the leading Russian and foreign experts on important topics of Endoscopy with emphasis on the details of diagnosis of pathological changes and the nuances of performing complex endoscopic interventions.
Exclusive innovation of IEEF-2018 will be joining the event known International Forum from Germany – EndoClub Nord ( with the transmission of the life demonstrations from three Clinics in the city of Hamburg.
The Forum participants will have the opportunity not only to see the work of world leaders in endoscopy in the operating conditions of Hamburg Eppendorf University Hospital and two Asklepios Hospitals but also to take active part in discussion of clinical cases with the experts of the Forum - to ask questions on tactics and technique of endoscopic interventions.
Thematic symposia on current topics of endoscopy (colonoscopy, ERCP and EUS, EMR and ESD) will allow participants to deepen their knowledge in the subject of diagnostic and interventional endoscopy, upgrade and increase their theoretical basis, to communicate together with the leading Russian and foreign colleagues.
We are confident that the coming three days of International Educational Endoscopic video Forum will be carried out productively and efficiently, as well as it`ll be days full of unforgettable impressions of communication with friends in our professional community!

We are working towards the overall professional growth and to achieve high goals,
Yours Organizing Committee IEEF-2018

Invitation to the forum

Video from the Opening Ceremony IEEF 2017

Video about forum "How it was"

Jean-Francois Rey (France)
Dear Dr Ivanova. 

I would like to thank you for the unique opportunity to participate at the International Educational Endoscopy video Forum (IEEF) in Sochi during the last few days. I was very impressed by the high scientific value of the event and I would like congratulate you and all committee members for an impeccable organization and the successful results.
WEO would like to include an article about the forum at the next WEO e-newsletter circulating in November and would very much appreciate if you provide the secretariat with a summary of most relevant discussed points to share it with our audience. I look forward to receiving your input and to staying in touch for future collaborations.
Kind regards, Jean-Francois Rey

Takuji Kawamura (Japan)
Dear Prof. Ivanova,Thank you for inviting me for the great forum in sunny Sochi !! Now I have arrived at Narita airport in Tokyo, and I am going back to Kyoto by Shinkansen. It was very comfortable time to stay with you, your colleague, and leading professors in the endoscopy field! 

And I am surprised that young Russian endoscopists have very good skills. I hope that Russian endoscopy will be developing more and more!See you!
Sincerely yours,Takuji Kawamura

Rami Eliakim (Israel)
Dear Ekaterina and Evgeniy. 

Just wanted again to express my gratitude and honor of being invited to this exceptionally interesting and excellently organized meeting .
I had a wonderful two days both medically and socially getting to know many people so intimately!!!!!
As we say in Hebrew – KOL HAKAVOD which probably means Hura !!!! in Russian
All the best and see you soon…..

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